Great South Bay Music Festival
Artist Submission
For all those that are submitting:
First, a sincere thank you for wanting to play the festival. It really does mean a lot to us.
To submit:
Please forward your EPK to:
Ryan Adams
Put: GSB Artist Submission in the subject line.

(Do not mail anything to our office).


Your EPK should have LIVE PERFORMANCE FOOTAGE of your show.

Please do not forward a video of you walking on the beach lip-synching to your pre-recorded song, or some other cool location vid with your friends or girlfriend hanging out.


If possible, footage of the show that you would like to bring to the fest and our attendees is preferable.
Make sure that you include all contact info.
Please know that due to the high submission rate, we will not be able to respond to all submissions. If we decide to confirm you, we will contact you.

If we decide to pass, please do not take it personally. There are simply too many submissions and just not many spots available.


If we do decide to add you to the lineup, please be aware of our radius clause:


GSB Radius Clause:
A – Local clubs, bars, concerts, parks etc:
No Suffolk County performances within 40 miles of Patchogue, from 60 days prior to three weeks following Great S. Bay. No advertising for gigs until after your festival date has been played.
B – LI Festivals: 
Great South Bay Music Festival to be the only festival in Nassau or Suffolk County that the artist will be approved to play, from April 1 thru September 1..
Please note, the reasons are two-fold:
1 – We believe every festival has it’s own unique musical vibe, we do not want to have the same lineup as another festival on the island.
2 – There are hundreds of artists looking for work on LI, …we would rather give some others an opportunity to perform.
Again, my heartfelt thanks for your interest.
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