Great South Bay Music Festival

Andrew Weiss and Friends

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Performing: Saturday July 20
Stage: Jambalaya
Set Time: 3:00 – 3:45PM


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Long Island’s Andrew Weiss and Friends have made a name for themselves since their debut LP arrived in 2018 with their unique blend of Laurel Canyon folk rock and the sonic flourishes of late-70s power pop. Singer-songwriter Andrew Weiss clings to and cherishes moments of intimacy and emotional currency through his songwriting. A classic glow silhouettes his storytelling, fusing a smart, throwback warmth and charm right into the work. Weiss’ songs show off his chops for character-driven stories, with an attention to detail on par with celebrated works from the likes of Dawes or Tom Petty.

Self-taught on the many instruments he knows how to play, Weiss’ journey sprouted from early exposure to The Beatles, which came full circle in 2018 after a spontaneous run-in and 20 minute conversation with Paul McCartney. He began picking guitar and writing songs at only seven years old, and he would later play in various bands throughout his youth. In 2009, he formed a solo endeavor called High Fascination and wrote, recorded and mixed three pop/rock-leaning albums alone in his bedroom.

During his time at NYU, where he studied Music Theory & Composition, Weiss wrote music for films and various ensembles. His High Fascination work also continued there, and he eventually discovered a group of musicians to join him. Four more albums were released during Weiss’ time in college, before the musical style soon shifted to a more Americana-driven approach, or “Power Pop-icana” as Weiss likes to call it. High Fascination ultimately folded to make way for a new project, as a brand new circle of friends and musicians emerged — Andrew Weiss and Friends was born in 2016. 

The band has stayed busy since The Honeymoon Suite was released in 2018 with five more LPs, three EPs, and a handful of standalone singles. They have sold out multiple shows at famed Long Island venue My Father’s Place and have performed alongside Counting Crows and Rob Thomas at The Outlaw Roadshow Festival. In recent years, Andrew Weiss and Friends were highlights at the 2022 Underwater Sunshine Festival, the 2021 Mondo Festival, and in 2023 and 2024 they headlined the MLB Washington Nationals’ Grateful Dead Night to sold out crowds of thousands.

Throughout 2021, during the mixing process of 4th LP Sunglass & Ash, Weiss continued writing. After self-producing all of the Andrew Weiss and Friends catalog for two consecutive years, Weiss had the desire to work with a producer on this batch of songs. He started conversing with Pete Donnelly (The Figgs, Mike Viola, Candy Butchers), someone who has been a part of making some of Weiss’ favorite music of all time. Just a few weeks later, Weiss, along with guitarist Matt Beck (Matchbox Twenty, The B-52’s), and original Andrew Weiss and Friends drummer John Venezia, set up camp for a week at Pete’s studio. They came out the other end with 10 songs. 

While attending NYU in 2013, Weiss took a Music Technology course taught by Scott Hirsch (Hiss Golden Messenger). While in the midst of pre-production with Pete, Scott released a solo album called Windless Day. When Weiss heard the album, in an effort to throw a curveball at the music, he decided to put in a call to Hirsch to see if he would be interested in working together. He was invited to spend two weeks at Hirsch’s Ojai studio and left with 4 additional songs. 

Finishing touches were added to the album, mixing and mastering finished, and then…this story gets put on hold. “I wasn’t ready to share it yet,” Weiss recalls. In the meantime, Andrew Weiss and Friends released two EPs, a handful of singles, and wrote, recorded, and released the Beverly Hills, Thanksgiving Day LP. However, in 2024, the time is now right, the stars are now in line, Mercury is…well, you get the idea. Hence, the new LP the world’s smallest violin.

The band’s moniker honors music’s essential pairing with camaraderie (something we could all use more of these days). Shindig! Magazine observed, “It’s clear that Weiss doesn’t do anything by halves. Big, clever tunes. There’s poetic tilted Americana, booming pop and anthemic road rock. Sometimes it tilts towards the psychedelic. It’s all rather impressive.”

Weiss’s astute observations on love, life, and happiness — and how those things may have shifted in recent years — are vital reminders that music is, at the end of the day, a healing agent for us all.

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