Great South Bay Music Festival

Boomer Brothers

Boomer Brothers Photo
Performing: Sunday July 23
Stage: Jambalaya Stage
Set Time: 2:35 – 3:05pm



BOOMER BROTHERS–Four guys who know how to rock!! We bring energy to some rock’n roll, blues, classics and a lot of originals. You’ll feel our vibe!!—- Sing along, clap, stomp and just have FUN!! WE DELIVER!!!

>Donnie Mariano–Born to play music. During the 60’s and into the 70’s he played with various bands that have toured and performed at iconic venues -including- Ungano’s, Action House, Trude Heller’s. He also has written and recorded numerous original songs and creative covers of classic tunes. NOW he is blessed to gig and record with so many great musicians including the Boomer Brothers.

>Eli Moskovitz–(aka Rev Elroy P. Jones 111, the Rocktician)
By day a licensed Optician practicing on LI. By nite playing guitar in a Rolling Stone tribute band and bass with fav mates The Boomer Brothers!

>Rob Holm–Drumming since 10, singing since 20. Rob has performed as a drummer, harmony singer and singing drummer live and on record since the early 80’s. He has performed with many different artists, recorded on many different major and independent labels, has/had several albums, CD’s, etc…out at some time or another. Hs also toured the States and Europe. His drumming can also be heard in two major motion pictures.
Oh, and thoroughly enjoys performing with the Boomer Brothers!

>David Morton–While technically belonging to Gen X, this Long Island native sought out Billy Joel’s classical piano teacher as a child and has been playing with mainly original bands while also owning and operating technology companies. He likes to bring in that X-factor to many styles of music-aspiring to bring interesting sounds, textures, and melodies to any music he plays.

He also loves working with the Boomer Brothers!

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