Great South Bay Music Festival

Albums We Love

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Performing: Saturday July 14
Stage: Jambalaya
Set Time: 8 – 9pm

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Albums We Love began as a simple idea: What if a group of the best local musicians could get together to perform one album, start to finish, for one night only?  The answer was an astonishing performance that immediately led to invites from clubs, then concert halls and festivals.  Five years later, Albums We Love stands as a leading band – distinct for interpreting, rather than imitating, iconic recorded music.

The band is made up of musicians from disparate backgrounds forming a unique core.  Damien Pagan is the scientific keyboard and horn playing sound-smith known for his work in Funkin’ A and Mother Water.  Mike Finno is the versatile journeyman bassist who is seen with pop, funk and Salsa bands around New York.  And Cassandra House is a solo artist seen locally in restaurants and pubs; currently recording and touring her second album of original music.

Albums We Love also has a unique set of connections.  Michele Martin-Lucas, one of the band’s lead vocalists, is also wife to AWL’s guitarist Steve Lucas.  Their musical bond is evident to those who watch and listen to their duo as Martin and Lucas, delivering unique arrangements of well-known songs.  Steve is the perfect partner for AWL’s singer/guitarist Dan Donnelly.  Dan Donnelly is well known on the Long Island restaurant circuit, delivering solo performances from a songbook exceeding over 800 songs.  And Dan is connected to his brother Bill, the drummer and creator of Albums We Love.  Bill has been a first call drummer for bands including Reza Khan, where he recorded the #3 jazz song Skylights, Mother Water, Bull Moose Party, Funk Collective and the rhythm based music of his trio, Soul O Drums.

Past and present performances include Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors, Led Zeppelin IV, Who’s Next, Peter Gabriel’s SO, Michael Jackson’s Thriller and Sticky Fingers by the Rolling Stones.

Every year Albums We Love fans wait for the announcement of the record selected for performance.  They wait because they know that for that year, and that album, the listeners will be treated to music they know and love delivered with reverence and performed in a way that sounds fresh and exciting.

Dan Donnelly – Guitar/Vocals
Michele Lucas – Vocal, Guitar, percussion
Steven Lucas – Guitar Vocals
Cassandra House – Vocals, Guitar
Mike Finno – Basee
Damien Pagan – Keyboard, horn
Bill Donnelly – Drums, vocals

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