Great South Bay Music Festival
Graham Nash Photo
Performing: Thursday July 18
Stage: Clamshell Bandshell
Set Time: 3:15 – 4pm
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Pensive yet impassioned. Mournful yet motivating. Heart wrenching yet hopeful. Fern Dells deliver a unique musical blend that is not easily put into words. The sentimental sounds they’ve cultivated not only entrance listeners, but also instill a nostalgic awareness that is reminiscent of times gone by. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Bon Iver and Ben Howard, singer/songwriter Salvatore Santiago began the project as an acoustic act in early 2018. Seeking to heighten the raw emotion in their performances, the group quickly expanded to a five person ensemble including Joseph Rom (drums), Michael Perlmutter (bass), Eugene Iovine (keys), Frank Iovine (synth/sax) and Salvatore Santiago (vocals/guitar/synth). While listeners can now expect a dynamic and diverse scope of musical influences, Fern Dells stays true to their roots and continually deliver stirring performances.

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