Great South Bay Music Festival
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Performing: Thursday July 12
Stage: Clamshell Bandshell
Set Time: 8:30 – 9pm

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Hailing from Long Island New York this 5 piece Alt rock band prides themselves on there lyrics catchy melodies and there explosive live show. With the release of there newest ep release “These Lesson Learned” they capture the ups and down of the there past few years in this brand new, passionately heavy 6 song collection.With the newest singles Thank You, The Life I Live and the most recent video for Preacher really making a buzz here on long island and sending messages of self confidence and gratification to there fans.
“Rise And Define”, the second EP from Long Island’s I-Ignite is the sound of confidence and direction from a band who’s members have taken their collective licks grinding it out in their respective former bands across the sprawling suburban landscape standing in the shadow of New York City.

The songs on there sophomore ep”Rise and Define” were written over the course of the 18 months since the release of their first self-titled release in August 2012 while the band drummed up a buzz on the local circuit, garnering praise from college and internet radio and various independent music publications while impressing crowds all over the Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and even Texas for the 2013 SxSW Music Festival in Austin.

“Rise And Define” was a crowd-funded success story launched in February 2014 with the help of the fans, friends and family, which landed them in Syracuse’s Square Studio with producer Steven Sopchak(Ice Nine Kills, Rookie Of The Year, The Venetia Affair) for two weeks in March. The result – 5 songs about honesty, integrity, and above all, heart.

Says vocalist and primary composer Eddie Raccioppi about the songs on Rise And Define :

“Come to Life” is about feeling helpless, surrounded by the rules,limitations and expectations of society. Though we might feel powerless to make a change, the answer is in our hands, we just need to take that critical first step.

“Burn Your Memory” We all have that person in our past that we will always have trouble forgetting or getting over, but the more we hold on the worse it will be for yourself. The best way to remove the problem is to burn it to the ground !

“Fall of Yesterday” is an anthemic guideline, sending you the invitation to join us in the path we have chosen.

“Still Right Here”: this song is the heart and soul of our EP “Rise and Define”. Everyone has experienced some level of loss in their life and we all cope differently. It’s important to never forget the ones we’ve lost, but it’s also important to try to move forward and not dwell too long.

“Lost In The Sound” this song is about every artist that puts their heart into their craft no matter what life throws at them. The dedicated and the driven.

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