Great South Bay Music Festival
Part Time Bear
Part Time Bear Photo
Performing: Sunday July 15
Stage: Jambalaya
Set Time: 6 – 6:20pm
Official Website Click Here
Part Time Bear is an Indie Emo band from Ronkonkoma, NY. PTB started in 2015 as a Pop Punk band, but over the last few years, underwent tremendous changes stylistically. The direction of the music ultimately headed towards a more emotionally impactful sound, especially with the addition of their newest members. Part Time Bear is Nick Arroyo, Kyle Young, Jj Romano, Joe Velocci, and Kat Pulse. Their backgrounds in music come together to bring a heavy-hearted, yet pensive approach to their songwriting. Keep your eyes peeled for their upcoming EP in the coming months. You can check out the music video for their song, “Shots Fired”, in the meantime.
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