Great South Bay Music Festival
Robert Fulton
Robert Fulton Photo
Performing: Sunday July 15
Stage: Clamshell Bandshell
Set Time: 5:30 – 6pm
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True to the title of his extraordinary debut album, Robert Fulton has been a Witness to difficult times and the most challenging circumstances life could throw his way. It broke him for a while, but the re-emergence of his long set-aside musical passions drove him to not only survive, but thrive. Drawing on his love for rock, blues and soul, he has created an enduring testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the redeeming power of music. In just a few short years, the heartfelt, brutally honest New York singer-songwriter with a million and one stories went from down-and-out to working with legendary producer Jack Douglas (Bob Dylan, Aerosmith, John Lennon, Cheap Trick), creating his masterwork at Sunset Sound Recording Studios and United Studios in Los Angeles. He was developing his brilliant tunes with a rock and roll master, in a realm that felt like home, doing what he was always destined to do. Another key facilitator helping bring Robert’s talent and dreams to concrete fruition with great commercial potential is Ron Alexenburg, President of the Alexenburg Entertainment Group and previously SVP at Epic Records, who worked with/signed music legends Meat Loaf, Boston and Michael Jackson. When Alexenburg heard Witness, he transformed from a friend offering industry advice to a full-on mentor offering career guidance and helping Robert make important connections in an increasingly competitive industry. “Robert’s music needs to be heard, as it is an honest story of his life’s experiences and will be a definite motivating and inspirational time of listening and thought process, in addition to being very entertaining. His range of songs all comes from his heart and the experience of dealing with life’s rollercoaster. A wonderful debut CD and musician’s journey.” Robert and his NYC based ensemble, The Lost Soul Gypsies, have performed his music at such NYC hotspots as The Bitter End and the Triad. He and the full band will be featured in July 2018 at the Great South Bay Music Festival at Shorefront Park, Patchogue, NY. Robert is currently gearing up to record his follow-up project, drawing on all the knowledge he gained in the studio working with Jack Douglas. “I feel as deeply as ever that the next record will be an even more complete emotional statement. Music has been the one consistent thing in my life, a wonderful blessing like love itself, and sometimes the only thing I have had to keep me going. If you took that away from me, I would really be empty. I am so grateful for all the wonderful people in my life who have made my album possible and allowed my story to be told. Witness has given me the opportunity to use music to express my authenticity and capture a very powerful chapter in my life.”
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