Great South Bay Music Festival

Urban Chancellor

Urban Chancellor Photo
Performing: Saturday July 16
Stage: Clamshell Bandshell
Set Time: 7:00 – 7:30pm

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Since 2011 Josh Morin, Ryan Broderick and Colin Kasprowicz have been making music together in numerous New York City/Long Island-based outfits. As noteworthy contributors to the creation of vital new original music locally, their creative efforts have garnered praise both nationally and in select scenes the world over. As founding members of respected outfits from the forward-thinking guitar rock of Edison Glass and Heavy Duty Super Ego to the stripped-down electronic sounds of Ravalias and Multiple Mono, the three friends have consistently pushed the boundaries of what original music can and should be.

2016 finds Josh, Ryan, and Colin writing more new music, and for the first time it’s together as a trio. Under the handle of Urban Chancellor, the three multi-instrumentalists use their unique talents to create haunting, thought-provoking rock music that’s as much indie as alternative, all-out as lighters-up. Their vocal melodies and harmonies flow through deceptively complex song structures, all colored by the chosen instrumentation of each particular song. Listeners are as likely to involuntarily dance as they are to stand quietly taking in the whole band, which sounds greater than the sum of its parts. From Urban Chancellor, nothing less would be appropriate.

Urban Chancellor is:
*Josh Morin: guitar/bass/vocals
*Colin Kasprowicz: bass/keyboards/vocals
*Ryan Broderick: drums/percussion

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