Great South Bay Music Festival

Ye Pyrate Brotherhood

Ye Pyrate Brotherhood Photo
Performing: Saturday July 16, Sunday July 17
Stage: Kidzone
Set Time: TBA

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We Are Ye Pyrate Brotherhood a Long Island, New York based Pyrate reenactment group

This non-profit organization was founded over a decade ago.Formed by men and women from all walks of life with very varied backgrounds these people had the vision to bring historical, educational and theatrical entertainment to the people of the area

To educate the public as to the lifestyles and business practices of ordinary seamen during the period of 1650 to 1730, and seek to teach the differences between Privateers, Pirates and Buccaneers. We endeavor to educate the public as to the impact of piracy to the general public during the Golden Age of Piracy.

To employ living history interpretation as a primary method to educate the public by accurately portraying the lifestyle, manner of dress and speech, common knowledge and skills, weapons, tools, and crew organization of both pirates and ordinary seamen both afloat and ashore during the Golden Age of Piracy. We believe History should be alive and vibrant.

To provide realistic portrayals of pirates and other seamen so the public,
especially children may readily see them in contrast to pirates and seamen
typically portrayed in the movie industry. We teach Children and Adults history while they have an enjoyable experience through hands-on activities and songs.
To cooperate with other non-profit organizations that build, accept
or operate replica vessels of the period 1650 to 1730 in pursuit of the above goals, along with land based crews and groups who seek to relive that era. We ultimately hope to re-create the “Brethren of the Coast” a legendary governing body outlined by Captain Henry Morgan and Bartholomew Roberts.

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